The IAGG-ER 8th Congress Dublin 2015

The International Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology European Region Congress 2015, Dublin, Ireland





The IAGG-ER congress offered a wide-range programme of over 1100 presentations, stimulating and congenial. The focus was to ensure that an ageing world not only recognizes the longevity dividend but also understand the advances in knowledge that allow us to protect and nurture this most remarkable of social and biological gain of the last century.

The Dublin Congress with the theme of ‘Unlocking the Demographic Dividend’ was expected to give global insight and vision to transform the challenges of population ageing to a celebration for humankind.

Please click here for the full conference programme.

TAGS had a poster session on Saturday 25th (Stand 157)  and Sunday 26th April (Stand 64), in which the project was well-received by conference participants. We met many interesting people working in all different aspects of ageing and look forward to keeping in contact to identify ways in which we collaborate in the future.

With regard to the current research topic of ‘Therapeutic Textiles’, there were many presentations which offered valuable insights into the different ways people provide therapy for the elderly.

  • Emilie Miller & Boo Johansson, University of Gothenburg – Paintings by Alzheimer’s Disease Patients: Relationship to Disease Stages and Instructions
  • John Babraj & Ross Lorimer, Abertay University – High Intensity Training for Active Ageing
  • CARDI – Physical Activity & Ageing: Benefits, Patterns & Interventions
  • Joanna Lumsden, Aston University – Participatory Approaches to the Design of Assistive Technologies for Older Adults





TAGS would like to thank to organizers of IAGG-ER 2015 for a very informative and engaging congress and a pleasant time in Dublin.







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