TAGS Presentation – 6th International Carers Conference, 4-6th September 2015, Sweden

6th International Carer’s Conference








3 – 6 September 2015
Gothia Towers, Gothenburg, Sweden
Co-hosted by Swedish Family Care Competence Centre, Carers Sweden and Carers UK

TAGS project partner Licia Boccaletti, EU Project Manager, Anziani e non Solo will present “Textiles for Ageing Society: The carers perspective” at both the Carer’s Conference and also at the Eurocarer’s Genreal Annual Meeting, Thursday 3rd September at the same venue.

Licia will present on Thursday 3rd September between 16:00-17:30 and on Friday 4th September during the Themed Seminars: Technology-Enabled Care and Support.

Key themes of the conference will include:

Key themes:

  • Health, social care and well-being: how do societies and economies manage care in the face of demographic change and more mobile populations?
  • Combining work and care: how can we support people to manage their working and caring lives, contributing to business, economic and social sustainability?
  • Paying for care: how can we share the costs of care between the individual, family, community and the state? How can we ensure there is a vibrant market for care?
  • Technology-enabled care and support: how can new technologies support the delivery of care, transform the lives of individuals and families and drive economic growth?

The full conference program can be found here:


Eurocarer’s Annual General Meeting 






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Anziani e non solo 

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