Our project, Textiles for Ageing Society, is a part of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP 7) for Research and Technological Development which is the EU’s main instrument for funding research in Europe.

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Theme 4 – NMP – Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials, and new Production Technologies – CSAs

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Textiles for Ageing Society (TAGS)

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NMP.2011.2.3-3 – Networking of materials laboratories and innovation actors in various industrial sectors for product or process innovation – coordination and support actions.

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The intention of the TAGS consortium is to bring together the older people, social and medical care organisations, research institutions, technology transfer associations, and manufacturers to identify:  specific requirements of the older people, and care organisations; latest developments in materials science and technology that will help meet these requirements; and strategies to incorporate developments in the manufacturing chain.

The fundamental aim of TAGS is to improve or innovate products and/or processes to meet the specific textile needs (bedding, clothing, hygiene, and therapy) of a growing sector of the European population, with the following objectives:

  • Identification of new materials, production techniques, and technologies, based on demands and requirements formulated by end-users and industry that can improve the performance of textile products for the elderly
  • Identification and assessment of the scope for innovation, and of barriers preventing progress
  • Initiating platforms for active discussion and dissemination of information between partners, and the provision of general information accessible by the public
  • Generation of new joint and collaborative concepts, initiation of joint research activities.
  • Identification of standards and specifications for products, and formulation and recommendations for policy makers.

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TAGS is keen to further research in the area of Textiles for an Ageing Society

If you are a researcher, manufacturer, end user, sociologist, healthcare professional, caregiver, policy maker or technology transfer institution we would be  interested in collaborating in new research projects, new product design and implementation.

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