A network with a wide range of expertise

The Consortium consists of Research Institutions, Technology Development, Industry, Care-givers, and Technology Transfer Organization.

The action of the “TAGS”, consisting of end-users, members of textile manufacturing and innovation community, and scientific partners from different research areas of textiles (textile chemistry and physics, material and fiber processing and nonwoven materials), from various European countries, will support the transfer of knowledge and innovation in the field of new textile products in four main areas of interest: bedding textiles, clothing, textile products for hygiene and personal care, and therapeutic and recreational/leisure textiles.


Research Institutions

UNIVERSITY OF INNSBRUCK | Research Institute for Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics (AT | Coordinator)
Basic research and applied research is performed in the field of textile chemistry and textile physics, and selected topics of chemical technology. The intensive interaction with textile and fibre industry results in applied projects.   … read more >



TITK | Thüringisches Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung e.V (DE)
Materials research is the basis for every product development. Polymer materials, increasingly, in differing combinations and as a composite, are our area of expertise.  … read more >




Technology Development

NIRI | The Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute (UK)
As nonwoven materials specialists we help organisations develop commercially-viable nonwoven fabrics and products.  … read more >





WARMX | Warming Textiles (DE)
WarmX is small sized developer and manufacturer of knitted smart textiles. During the last years warmX has profiled as a leading company in smart textiles business.  … read more >



Staff Jersey SRL was established in 2006, Carpi, Italy and is involved in the development of high quality thermal underwear. The products are created using a combination of innovative fibres and are 100% made in Italy. … read more >



TEXTILVEREIN | Registered association of textile SMEs
Textilverein, a non-profit organization, that specialize in all the different steps of textile manufacturing and processing: spinning, weaving, knitting, textile dyeing and finishing or garment production. The association is located within the chamber of commerce of Vorarlberg.  … read more >




CONNEXIA | Verein zur Förderung der Gesundheit und Pflege (AT)
Connexia is a non-profit organisation that supervises training, quality development and cooperation in the field of care and support for the elderly on behalf of the Provincial Government of Vorarlberg.  … read more >



KHBG | Vorarlberger Krankenhaus-Betriebsgesellschaft.m.b.h. (AT)
The Vorarlberg Hospital Betriebsgesellschaft is the legal entity of the Vorarlberg State hospitals. Efficient operation in consideration of timely medical care for the population of Vorarlberg is ensured.  … read more >



Anziani e Non Solo is a cooperative society working since 2004 in the field of social innovation, with a specific focus on management of project and promotion of products and services in the field of welfare and social inclusion.  … read more >



Technology Transfer Organization

Democenter-Sipe is a Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer belonging to a High Technology Network. It is also a consortium that brings together public bodies, business associations, bank foundations and over 60 locally based enterprises.  … read more >