CONNEXIA – Verein zur Förderung der Gesundheit und Pflege


Located in: Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria

Organisation: Non-profit organisation

Staff members: 40

Work area: International level

Website: www.connexia.at


About us
Connexia is a non-profit organisation that supervises two core areas on behalf of the Provincial Government of Vorarlberg:

  1. advise and follow up on parents with children up to 4 years of age
  2. training, quality development and cooperation in the field of care and support for the elderly.

A Supportive Platform – Information and Cooperation
In Vorarlberg comprehensive ambulant and residential services are offered by organisations such as the Nursing Association, Home Care Service, Hospice Care and supportive services for family caregivers.

In addition there are approximately 50 residential care homes, which, as social centres, provide manifold services covering the whole region.

The effectiveness of the services for the elderly can increasingly be measured by the cooperation between offers of services for ambulant and for residential care.

We support the collaboration, the quality and the further development of this platform. We administrate the head office of the team for Care and Home Management and are commissioned to coordinate the Care and Support Platform in Vorarlberg.

Ambulant and Resident – Collaboration
We assist in the exchange of information concerning the options offered, so that the various services are needs based and flexibly coordinated. We also support the family caregivers with home care services, day care and residential care in a home.

Quality Development – Train, Advise and Support
Together with the carers and institutions involved we develop standards of care and recommended practice. Our experienced specialists offer advice and coaching to the staff of diverse institutions in the fields of care and support.With complementary training courses we help to implement and maintain the standards agreed upon.

We offer basic training, skill-enhancement training and vocational training for staff working in the ambulant and residential sectors, as well as for family caregivers. Over and above this we offer tried and tested models for ongoing staff and organisation development.

Records and Reports
On behalf of the Province of Vorarlberg we record diverse data concerning residential long-term care, as well as the appropriate use of the home care services, and we are responsible for their assessment for the Social Insurance Agency.

All this data is continually made available in comprehensive reports to the government authority as well as the local councils and all partner organisations.

Research and Development
Both ambulant care and residential facilities are permanently altering. The increased life expectancy, modifications to family structures and the legal frameworks are only some of the influencing factors, changing the needs of the elderly and impacting on the adjustments to services offered.

We observe these developments, collect information from the nursing sciences and specialist literature and are in contact with groundbreaking institutes everywhere. Together with our partners in the Care and Support Platform Vorarlberg we develop existing services further and instigate new models.