Located in:  Modena, Italy

Since: 1993

Employees: 13 and more than 15 collaborators

Work area: Regional, national and european level

Website: www.democentersipe.it


About us
DemoCenter-Sipe is a Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer belonging to the High Technology Network of the Emili a Romagna Region that provides advanced services for technology-based companies.

Democenter-Sipe is a consortium that brings together public bodies, business associations, bank foundations and over 60 locally based enterprises.

It has its headquarters on the campus of the ‘Enzo Ferrari’ Engineering Faculty in Modena, (North of Italy) the ideal place for exploiting – through our services – the results of research conducted within the University, for the benefit of businesses.

Our sectors of intervention
  • Mechanics & Materials
  • Fashion&Textile sector
  • Constructions
  • Energy & Environnment
  • ICT
  • Agro-Food
  • Life sciences




Our core competence
Democenter-Sipe activates its competencies on behalf of businesses, promoting their collaboration with the University through five modes of action.

  • Industrial research activities:
    Thanks to its capacity to select project ideas, the availability of scientific know-how and equipment and solid ties with specialized partners, Democenter-Sipe participates in European research projects and engages in contract research for bank foundations and institutions.
  • Innovation and technology transfer activities:
    Thanks to up-to-date knowledge about technologies and production systems, Democenter-Sipe can assure services such as planning and conducting of innovation and technology transfer activities for international and institutional projects or for feasibility studies on behalf of businesses.
  • Information and promotion services:
    The Center organizes events to disseminate information on the consolidated applications of technologies, workshops and demonstrations or actions to build technological awareness, also for individual firms.
  • Custom training services:
    Democenter-Sipe organizes master’s programs in collaboration with the University and business associations and guarantees businesses targeted training to support technology transfer actions, technology update initiatives for homogeneous groups (for example supplier chains) and support for the introduction of technological skills.
  • Fee-based services:
    The Center places its facilities at the disposal of firms in order to determine and identify opportunities for improving products and processes through instrumental analyses, laboratory tests, measurements, use of special equipment, technical consultancy, bibliographic and patent analyses, benchmarking and surveys.

It takes its capabilities into the communities where the firms operate, thanks to front offices opened in Fiorano, Maranello, Vignola and Carpi and the Quality Center Network for the Mirandola biomedical industry. Democenter-Sipe has over time started up numerous partnerships – including with the Area Science Park of Trieste and Coventry Chamber of Commerce – with the aim of finding the best answers to the needs of businesses that turn to it.

The main goal fo Democenter-Sipe is to create a system for innovation and technology transfer to support the growth of local companies through the exploitation of research results achieved by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and by the High Technology Network of the Emilia Romagna Region.

Democenter-Sipe activates a virtuous knowledge transfer between Institutions, enterprises and research centers, through projects that:
  1. exploit research results;
  2. promote innovation in enterprises;
  3. bring value to the territory