Located at:  University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Since: 2005

Team members: 20

Work area: International level

Website: www.nonwovens-innovation.com


About us

As nonwoven materials specialists we help organisations develop commercially-viable nonwoven fabrics and products. This involves improving the performance of existing nonwoven components or developing completely new materials and technologies. Our expertise lies in our core ability to optimise the properties, process and cost of nonwoven fabrics. This allows us to meet specific product requirements in many different market sectors like medical, healthcare, composites, automotive, construction, hygiene, insulation, apparel, protection, electronics, furnishings, floor coverings, sustainability, recycling, wipes, geotextiles, aerospace and more.


“The majority of our work is consultancy (developing commercially-viable nonwoven fabrics and products), but we have developed a number of technologies, both independently and in partnership with other organizations.”

Andrew Hewitt 
Team-member of TAGS



Our core competence
Research and development is the core of our business. With over fifteen years experience in the research & development of nonwovens we are able to engineer the structural architecture of fibrous materials to meet the required performance parameters. As a consequence the gathering of knowledge and training is very important. We offer industry development courses which cover all aspects of nonwovens and are application or sector specific. Attendees leave the course with a clearer understanding of fundamental nonwoven science, structure, products, processes, capabilities, new developments and commercial possibilities.

Our working field
We have a range of pilot facilities for prototyping nonwovens and other technical textiles. Includes carding, airlaying, meltblowing, electrospinning, needling, chemical bonding, through-air bonding, calendering, hydroentanglement, laminating, composite manufacture, coating. Analytical techniques including tensile testing (strength, tear, burst), porometry, air permeability, XMT, SEM, Image Analysis.

Our cooperations
NIRI has a strong track record in collaborative research projects partially or wholly funded by governments and other funding bodies. With extensive project management experience and an enviable record of successful grant projects, our associations include the UK government (TSB, DTI, DEFRA, NHS, MOD), EU (FP7, Eco-Innovation, Eurostars) and the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Foundation.