Located in:  Carpi, in  Province of Modena, Italy

Employees : 19

Work area: National (textiles), International (sport clothing)

Website http://www.staffsport.it

About us

Staff Jersey Srl was established in 2006 in Carpi, one of the most important European textile districts. Since its foundation, the mission of the founding members has been the one of proposing themselves to the textile and apparel market with a high qualitative fabrics offer.
Creativity, Innovation, Flexibility, Dynamicity and Professionalism are the values which are at the base of the entrepreneurial project of the company, which up to date has given proof of great vitality improving steadily its structure and gaining a great market position.
2013 marks definitely a turning point. In fact, as a consequence of the maturity acquired in the fabrics sector, the company decides to invest in a new project: a “seamless” clothing collection especially conceived for the sports underwear market.

After careful researches and an attentive selection of the raw materials, the company has designed and realized a hi-tech underwear collection with winning characteristics, thanks to the combination of two highly innovative fibers: Polypropylene hollow fiber and continuous carbon solution. An essential duo for sportspersons who have as their main goal the achievement of high technical sports performances and the maximum physical well-being.

Federico Poletti 
Company owner and part of the team of TAGS

Our working field

The Services offered by our company are:

  • Technical consulting of sampling aimed at defining: the technology to use; the raw material suitable for machining to be carried out; the finishing and/or subsequent treatments to obtain the product.
  • Creation of samples and of the references
  • Weaving production
  • Quality control of fabrics
  • Labelling of traceability

Our cooperations

Active participation to the project “Distretti Tecnologici 2 Moda” for the development of biological textiles, extra fine merino wool in particular. The research deals with the identification of national and international rules and regulations for the production, weaving, dyeing and finishing of the yarn paying particular attention to the substances which must be avoided in these processes.

Collaborations with the textile quality centre of our area “Centro Qualità Tessile Srl” for laboratory tests and quality certifications for our products.

Collaborations with researchers and university students for graduation thesis on the topic of textiles in general:

-Spinner project of the region Emilia Romagna: Title “Dress&Go”

-Contribution to the Graduation thesis of Dr. Federico De Bon on the topic of Kevlar recycling for the development of protections which could prevent fall injuries.