TEXTILVEREIN – Registered association of textile SMEs


Located in: Vorarlberg, Austria

Organisation: Non-profit organisation

Work area: Regional level

About us
Textilverein, a non-profit organization, is formed of more than 75 textile companies in the region employeeing 4600 people, with total turnover of €650 Milion. The companies specialize in all the different steps of textile manufacturing and processing: spinning, weaving, knitting, textile dyeing and finishing or garment production. The association is located within the chamber of commerce of Vorarlberg. Textilverein is the arm of the “Fachgruppe Textilindustrie”, a division of the chamber of commerce, to participate in project activities. Strong communication and interrelation between this non-profit association, the chamber of commerce and the local government of Vorarlberg leads to an intensive exchange of knowledge and information between these institutions. While the Textilverein serves as the active side towards project activities, the chamber of commerce serves as community interacting with governmental institutions.

The industry members of the Textilverein belong to leading European textile enterprises whose product range from specialty textiles, garment, and technical products. Special competences will be available in the field of quality determination, product development and legal aspects.

Areas of Expertise:
Wide range of technologies for chemical and physical processing of textiles, consumer-oriented properties, project management, organization of meetings, communication and management, commercial exploitation and spin-off activities, company funding, IPR and entrepreneurship, research policy and strategy, consumer safety, chemicals regulations, product assessment, regulatory laws.