Located in: Apolda, Thüringen, Germany

Since: 2004

Employees: 30

Work area: International level

Website: www.warmx.de


About us
WarmX is small sized developer and manufacturer of knitted smart textiles.

It was started in 2004 as a division of strickchic GmbH, a family based mid size company in Apolda founded already in 1896. Strickchic is producing knitted fashion for women for over 110 years completely in Germany.

In 2007 warmX was excluded and founded as an independent company by the masterminds Mr. Gerald Rosner and Mr. Christoph Müller.



During the last years warmX has profiled as a leading company in smart textiles business. We developed a technology that can be used e.g. for heating purposes in special heatable garments.

This technology comprises a textile current circle that consists of silvered textile fibres integrated into a knitted fabric. It is supplied with electricity e.g. by a small rechargeable battery.

Because it is made of textile components the current circle is flexible and must therefore be guarded and stabilized by a microprocessor controller to have a constant function (e.g. constant heat output). An important aspect of the technology is the proper integration of electronical parts into textile components which constitutes a true ‘smart textile’ in the end.

Textile current circles may be used for other purposes than heating such as muscle stimulation or sensoring. Thus we are participating in several R&D projects together with R&D-Institutes like Fraunhofer, universities and private companies, e.g. developing textile electrodes for muscle stimulation.

WarmX holds a patent for its technology and a trademark in several countries.

Our first product ready to market was our heateable underwear. The warmX-technology is being used for the development of undergarments, which generate the warmth within different ranges of the body. The underwear warms up directly on the skin without any heating wires to make our customers feeling warm and moving freely at low temperatures.


Our heated underwear is sold through our website as well as through sanitary retailers. In several other countries we work together with distributors to cover their national markets, e.g. USA.


The underwear was awarded with several awards, e.g.:

  • ispo BrandNew Finalist
  • Design Preis 2008
  • Marktlücke – Gründerpreis der Zeitungsgruppe Thüringen
  • iF product design