Wearable electronic health patches may now be cheaper, easier to make

Footfalls & Heartbeats launches crowd-funding campaign to produce smart knitted fabrics 

Adult social care is not a problem – it is a human necessity

Life Expectancy in England and Wales Based on your Gender and Location

What comes after the #wearable health revolution?

Growing old can actually BOOST your brainpower: Study finds some areas of our brain do not peak until our fifties

Krefeld 2025: Wenn das Lieblingsshirt duftet Kleidung, die Schmutz abweist, Strom erzeugt oder Medikamente speichert – laut dem Deutschen Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West wird das künftig möglich sein.

Reflections on the development of health and longterm care expenditure in ageing societies
David McDaid, LSE Health & Social Care & European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, London School of Economics

Exoskeleton & Power Dressing – Exoskeletons are being developed for two applications: medical and industrial. In each of these, though, there are shades of usage that have a significant effect on what technologies are used in the design and how they are intended to operate.

“Einzelstücke statt Massenware” - Revolutionising the Textile Industry: Individual pieces rather than mass production

HTA Network adopts its Strategy for EU cooperation on Health Technology Assessments

BITalino is designed for anyone interested in building self-tracking applications based on information from your body.

MakerNurse is collecting stories from inventive nurses across the nation to better understand what drives them to innovate and how best to nurture the creative potential of the American nurse.

Schuheinlage mit Sensoren übernimmt das Fühlen

Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg – Intelligente Schuheinlage schützt Diabetiker-Füße

“Ageing Well” must be a Global priority

The ageing game: Could we all be 95 year-old athletes?

Science Direct: Improving the quality of life for the bedridden: textile pressure ulcer prevention & Outcome from Schoeller - Schoeller® fitted decubitus sheet

AFE INNOVNET partners have decided to apply for the project to become the EU affiliated programme of the WHO network 

Remote healthcare for an ageing population

Biologists delay the ageing process by ‘Remote Control’

HELPS Project EU – HELPS looks at the development of innovative housing and home care for the elderly and vulnerable groups in urban areas of Central Europe. Lead partner is based in  Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy).

Wearable technology: Clothing designed to save your life

Two thirds never consider old age, says poll – A survey finds people are putting off vital conversations about how they will be cared for in later life

Horizon 2020: The ISU-DEP Project aims to increase the autonomy of elderly and bedridden people by supporting caregivers, and restoring dignity and self-esteem through sensitive personal hygiene.

Die ISUS Stiftung ”Mode und Medizin” -Future clothing concepts with an emphasis on the integration of textiles and rehabilitation equipment  into fashionable garments.

How Sweden cares for its elderly population

Six seconds of exercise can ‘transform’ health for the elderly

A flexible, energy-absorbent material called Armourgel has been adapted to help mitigate the impact of falls that often leave elderly people with broken bones.

Age simulation suit shows what it’s like to be old


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Aid Programmes

Textiles for Aging Society

The Seventh Framework Programme  for European Research and Technological Development

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Creating age-friendly environments is one of the most effective approaches to respond to demographic change. AFE-INNOVNET aims at mobilising a EU-wide community of local and regional authorities and other stakeholders to support the scaling-up of innovative solutions for age-friendly environments to support active and healthy ageing across Europe.

TAGS joined the network in August 2014 alongside 114 other organisations.

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