TAGS Reports & Projects

Here you can find reports of the project and download the PDFs.


Smart-Fit-In (NMP35-2014, Horizon 2020)

It is the concern of this EU project to create very practical new production and distribution models for Micro enterprises and major enterprises which manufacture adapted products for people with movement restrictions in Europe.

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Netzwerk waschbare Sensortextilien (NewS) Projekt, UIBK, Austria

The NewS project focuses on research into new technologies to produce composite textiles which function as washable sensors. New embroidery techniques will also be used to integrate sensor functions in bedding textiles. In a care home for the elderly, washable sensor-textiles will be tested for usability and lifetime expectancy.

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UIBK Bedding Preferences Study, Birkenweise, Dornbirn

The preliminary aim of the research was to elicit opinions from care home residents on the proposed bedding design, fabric selection and bedding and environmental colour schemes, to be implemented in the new care home.

VESTA Project – Testimonial 

VESTA is the name of the project carried out by craftsmen of the knitwear sector in Carpi, Italy together with the support of the elderly, researchers and technology transfer institutions, who have collected inputs launched at  Caregiver Day Regionale, 24 May 2013 and have been working together with experts in social innovation  to respond to some of the main problems encountered by people with disabilities in dressing.

The Vesta Project – Testimonial (PDF)